Tegu Tints - 130 Piece Set

Tegu Tints - 130 Piece Set

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Tegu Blocks bring open ended imaginative play to the classroom with the feel of all natural wood and the powerful wonder of magnets.

By creating a magnetic wooden building system, the limitless possibilities of Tegu Blocks make playtime boundless. Developmentally appropriate for a wide range of ages and abilities, Tegu Blocks can be used as a tool in developing critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills, as well as language, story telling and team building.

Sustainably harvested Central American hardwoods. Safe, non-toxic, water based finishes (for colours and clear coats). Proudly vertically-integrated, Tegu personally approves every block that reaches a child.

Sets come neatly in their own storage box for easy clean up when individual or group play is done.

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